To publish a confession on the website, it is necessary for the confession to adhere to our established guidelines.

We offer guidelines to support users in creating content that smoothly passes through the approval process. Additionally, these guidelines ensure that only content deemed suitable for the public is published.

Respect privacy

Do not share any personal information, yours or someone else's. Respect the privacy of others; avoid disclosing details that could identify individuals.

No hate speech or discrimination

Any confession promoting hate or discrimination based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age will be removed.

No threats or harm

Do not post confessions that contain threats or promote self-harm, harm to others, or any form of violence.

Be respectful

Maintain a respectful and considerate tone when sharing your confessions or comments. Avoid using offensive language or making personal attacks.

No spam

Avoid submitting content that is repetitive, promotional, or irrelevant to the platform's theme.

Original content

Share confessions that are original and not previously posted on the platform.