How it works

If you've landed on this page, maybe you're dealing with some trust issues or simply curious about how everything works. Let's break it down for you.

Before diving into things here, take a moment to check out our Privacy Policy page. It's important to understand how we collect and use data.

First visit

The first time you visit our website, you'll encounter an onboarding dialog. This handy pop-up explains how our website works, detailing the services we use.

Once you give your consent, this information gets saved in your browser's local storage, so you won't be bothered with the same pop-up dialog again.

We may use cookies to gather information about your use of our website through Google Analytics. You can opt out of Google Analytics by using the Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add-on.


While you're using the site, Google Analytics will keep tabs on the pages you visit and gather some common events, such as scrolling and interactions.

The information collected by Google Analytics is anonymized and solely used to monitor website traffic, aiding us in enhancing the overall user experience. Rest assured, we don't collect or share any personal information with Google or any other third-party service.


We've got a couple of forms that you can use to share your thoughts. One for crafting a new confession, and another for leaving a comment.

To make sure no one misuses our system, we use a service called reCAPTCHA. It helps us differentiate between real users and bots. It's important to note that during this process, we don't share your data or anything you enter into the forms, and we don't collect any unique identifiers. Once you hit submit, we have no way of tracing back to who created the data. That's why your confessions and comments remain completely anonymous!

Approval process

While our forms are open for everyone to share their thoughts, not everything can be shared publicly. We have Guidelines that everyone must follow, and that's why we have an approval process for all confessions and comments.

Whenever someone spills their thoughts in a confession or drops a comment, it heads straight into our approval queue. It's like the backstage area. Only after the green light is given does it step onto the public stage. If it doesn't make the cut, well, it's the end of the line, and it's permanently deleted.

Other interactions

Each confession comes with upvote and downvote numbers. These numbers show in what way other users relate to the confession.

You can do the same by clicking on the up or down arrow. Once you click, the button gets disabled. This information is saved in your browser's session storage, but don't worry—it resets the next time you visit the website.